The Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN) believes that ending violence against all people—regardless of gender—and their children requires a connection with organizations and individuals to create a clear vision and collective voice for social and systemic change.

Our Mission

The Ohio Domestic Violence Network advances the principles that all people have the right to an oppression and violence-free life; fosters changes in our economic, social, and political systems; and brings leadership, expertise, and best practices to community programs.

Our Purpose, Philosophy, & Structure

ODVN’s purpose is to support and strengthen Ohio’s response to domestic violence through training, public awareness, and technical assistance and to promote social change through the implementation of public policy.

ODVN maintains a commitment to the empowerment of battered survivors and their children as well as to the elimination of personal, institutional, and cultural violence. Membership is open to any organization or individual that supports the ODVN mission. ODVN invites the participation of diverse constituencies.

ODVN’s structure reflects its philosophy and commitment to collective decision-making and egalitarian relations. ODVN operates as a 501 (c)(3) membership organization and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets quarterly and consists of 19 people who are representatives from active member domestic violence organizations, community members, and survivors of domestic violence. The Board of Directors represents all geographic areas of the State of Ohio, including urban and rural areas, and represents various underserved groups.

ODVN’s membership reflects the diversity of Ohio’s domestic violence programs, allied professionals, and concerned individuals who are from every region of Ohio representing both the rural and urban areas. Most domestic violence member programs have over a ten-year history in working with survivors of domestic violence. ODVN works collaboratively with other statewide agencies, programs, and coalitions.

The Ohio Domestic Violence Network is an active and long-standing member of the National Network to End Domestic Violence Network.


By becoming a member of the Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN), you benefit over 70 local domestic violence programs statewide. In today’s changing climate, it is critical we continue our leadership role in domestic violence advocacy and education across Ohio. Your concern and generosity help to ensure that this work will continue. Your tax-deductible financial contribution assists all victims of domestic violence in Ohio by sustaining resources vital to your community.

Our Guiding Principles

We promote safety, well-being, and justice for all battered persons while respecting the adult survivor’s right to self-direction and control over their own lives.

We are accountable to those who are or were battered and are committed to listening to their voices and using their expertise to guide our work.

We declare that batterers, not victims, are accountable for their abusive behavior.

We are committed to facilitating changes necessary to end oppression and violence within ourselves, and within economic, social, and political systems.

We are committed to advancing the community’s responsibility for stopping the violence.

Our DEI Commitment

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