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Impact for Change is a place to think collectively about the ways intimate partner violence intersects with the realities of racism, sexism, gender identity, economic class, disabilities, religion, immigration status, and more. New installments are posted on our website each quarter.

In the scramble for affordable housing, disparities remain

A place to live that’s safe, affordable, decent—something that’s possible. For millions of low-income people across the country—but especially for survivors of domestic violence, and even more so people of color—finding an affordable place to live can be achingly...

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Disclaimer: This month’s content addresses sensitive topics that could evoke difficult emotions and/or trigger trauma responses. Please read with caution and care. Some trace the history of the domestic violence movement to the 1970s, when shelters began to open in...

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Impact for Change: A New, DEI-centered Space

With the urgency of the day-to-day work trying to provide shelter and services for survivors of domestic violence in Ohio, there’s not always time to stop and consider directly issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Over the past several years, the severity of...

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