Training and Program Support

Technical Assistance

ODVN offers on-site, virtual, email, and telephone consultations to domestic violence service providers and allied professionals. Programs needing support and assistance in program development, identifying appropriate funding sources, grant writing and reporting, policy & procedure development or revision, staff training and development, best practice standards of service, trauma-informed & client-centered services, and providing accessible, diverse & equitable services can contact ODVN for assistance and guidance. ODVN also facilitates and co-chairs a number of issue-specific networking caucuses and task forces. For more information about caucus and task force offerings click here.

For more information about any of the technical assistance offerings below, please email Shelley Marsh, the Deputy Director, or Alicia Williamson, the Director of Training.

Program Design and Development

Do you want to know the best practice for developing a particular program or service? Want to design new, revised, or expanded programs? Have questions about how to improve the way in which you are providing services? Want assistance in thinking through developing a new program? ODVN can provide you with guidance and assistance in your endeavors to make programs accessible and effective and help you get the outcomes you are looking for.

Quality Improvement Plans

Does your agency have trouble obtaining consistency in quality of service? Is the staff experiencing difficulty strategizing ways to complete paperwork and provide service in an effective manner? ODVN staff can work with you to identify the problem areas, create a quality improvement plan and establish a committee to ensure that the plan is working and you are getting the results the funders are looking for.

Outcome and Evaluation

Outcome and evaluation studies have become a staple in grant management. If you are not sure how to develop outcome studies with evaluation plans, contact ODVN and we will work with you to develop realistic outcomes and create implementation plans that will help your agency achieve the desired outcomes. ODVN staff can help construct evaluation tools that will measure your results.

Staff Retreats & Self-Care

You and your staff need an energizer, retreat, or a day of self-care but there is no time or energy to plan it? Technical assistance is available to help your organization plan and develop staff retreats that meet the needs of each organization. ODVN staff can also facilitate your retreat if you’d like an outside facilitator.

Advocacy and Intervention

Could your staff use a more advanced level of advocacy and intervention skills? Do staff, volunteers, or board members need guidance in working with survivors and their children? All ODVN trainings are grounded in the core principles of the Domestic Violence Movement. ODVN also has expertise in anti-oppression theory and outreach to underserved populations. Please call or reach out to us if you’d like to schedule a training that can be held on-site at your agency or for your community.

Research and Information Gathering

Could your program benefit from information on general or specific topics related to intimate partner violence or on emerging issues and trends in best practices? We can help provide answers to your questions, research issues, or supply materials on a variety of topics, including promising practices, survivor-centered services, and trauma-informed care.

Coordinated Community Response

If your program needs assistance in developing a local domestic violence task force or coordinating council, ODVN staff are available to help. Our staff can help your organization develop strategies, training programs, or other methods to improve the coordinated community response in your service area.

Additional Information

If you need any assistance with an issue or topic in your program that does not appear above, please call or email Shelley Marsh, the Deputy Director, or Alicia Williamson, the Director of Training, and ODVN will do its best to assist you with your needs or refer you to the appropriate person or organization.

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For emergency assistance, use the "Get Help Now" button below for the number to your local domestic violence agency.