Relocation Assistance for Survivors

ODVN’s relocation program provides financial assistance for relocation to survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and stalking who meet eligibility requirements and need to relocate for safety reasons. This program works with local VOCA funded agencies to provide services to survivors.

The Relocation Program Can Help With: 

  • First month’s rent
  • Security deposit
  • Second and Third Month’s Rent
  • Rent balance owed to housing authorities
  • Assistance with lock changes and window/door repair for current residences
  • Temporary boarding of pets
  • Utility startup
  • Transportation-related to relocation
  • Documents needed to secure housing 
  • Storage unit costs
  • Moving to an assisted living program

This is not an exhaustive list and for further information please contact Shryiell Owens at ODVN at [email protected] or call (614) 781-9651. 

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