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25 Years of Creating Social Change

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Celebrating ODVN’s 25 Year Anniversary

By Nancy Grigsby, ODVN Legal Assistance Program Director

The first shelter in Ohio opened in 1974. Programs were just getting started in the late 70s/early 80s and none of us had a blueprint.  In the late 80s several rural programs came together to build a coalition that addressed the unique issues they were seeing; many more programs – including the one I co-directed at the time - joined the bandwagon and ODVN was formed.  ODVN’s founders were formerly battered women and programs who kept survivors at the center of our work.  And we have never lost our conviction that domestic violence survivors are the experts in their own lives and on what will help keep them and their children safer.

What a difference has been made in 25 years.  Today, 70 domestic violence programs help more than 2,000 survivors and their children every single day in Ohio.  They handle an estimated 285,000 crisis calls every year.

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