The Prevention Team offers customized training services to DELTA Impact Project grantees, ODVN members, allied professionals, and other allied organizations. We offer topics related to prevention planning, implementation, and evaluation as well as working with youth and teens, engaging men in violence prevention, and using a public health approach to prevention. In addition, the coalition has been able to showcase state and national work on prevention as a co-sponsor of the Statewide Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention and Response Conference held annually in June.

Technical Assistance

As we join others who are working to prevent domestic and intimate partner violence, it has become clear that knowledge about intimate partner violence and risk and protective factors is an emerging base of evidence, especially when it comes to implementing effective strategies. Community-based models, collaboration, social change theory, racial and social justice, program design, evaluation, and the public health model are all common areas that challenge groups working in prevention.

Our customized technical assistance services are strategically designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation essential to practicing thoughtful prevention. The Prevention Team offers coaching, consultation, meeting facilitation and resource provision to DELTA FOCUS sub-grantees as well as to ODVN members and allied professionals, and other allied organizations. ODVN’s Prevention Team works to build both capacity and competence in several key areas so that prevention practitioners are appropriately outfitted for this challenging work.


One of the most critical supports for family violence prevention is linking people to people. Effective networking allows for the sharing of programs, lessons learned, strategies, and resources. The ODVN Prevention Team works to cultivate relationships and foster the cross-fertilization of prevention knowledge among its local, state, and national partners. An easy way to begin participating in this community of prevention-minded allies is to join the ODVN sponsored Ohio Prevents Domestic Violence listserv. To join this listserv please email your contact information to [email protected].

Online Toolkit

ODVN is pleased to offer an Online Prevention Toolkit available free to all website visitors. Check out informative Tip Sheets on a wide array of topics. Visitors will also find a large list of our favorite links for prevention including a complete Empowerment Evaluation Toolkit. Visit our online toolkit click here.

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