Charges Should Be Dropped Against Teen Victim

Bresha Meadows is a 15-year-old girl in Ohio who is incarcerated and facing a charge of aggravated murder for defending herself and her family against her father, who by multiple accounts, was dangerous and extremely abusive to the family (see the Hufffington Post article for more details). The Ohio Domestic Violence Network believes all charges against Bresha Meadows should be immediately dismissed.  ODVN believes Bresha should be released and should not have to endure the re-traumatization of prosecution and incarceration. The reports of the history of Bresha's experience of severe and long-term childhood exposure to domestic violence are compelling and unfortunately, all too familiar.  The reports of Bresha's efforts to stop the violence toward herself and her family are credible and heartbreaking.  We believe no child should live with violence and fear death. Bresha, like all children living with domestic violence, deserves to have a safe and supportive environment to heal from the trauma she experienced so she can rebuild her life free of violence. We stand with Bresha. Learn More

ODVN Kicks Off Domestic Violence Awareness Month With Call For Courageous Leadership

The Ohio Domestic Violence Network will kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a press conference at the Ohio Statehouse Atrium on October 4, 2016 at 10:00 am to highlight the release of a 12-month review of domestic violence fatalities in Ohio.

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Trauma-Informed Care Manual

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