Bresha Meadows to be Released

ODVN staff and volunteers were heartened to learn that 15 year old Bresha Meadows who was accused of killing her father after years of alleged domestic violence will soon be released from a juvenile detention facility and admitted to a residential treatment facility where she can begin her recovery from trauma.  An article posted on the Jezebel website in May suggests Bresha may already be on a road to recovery.  Additional articles posted on the New York Times website and NBC News support this supposition while Cleveland Plain Dealer journalist John Caniglia asks, "What it Murder or Self Defense?" 

Life in the Margins: Expanding Intimate Partner Violence Services for Women of Color

June 26, 2017  
Contact: Tonya Lovelace,
Telephone: 844-WOCNINC or 844-962-6462, Ext. 700

The burden of violence on women of color is staggering. Across racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse women of color communities, violence and disproportionate homicide rates persist. Studies have shown that women of color face more, and more severe domestic violence. Black women are more likely than white women to be murdered by a partner. Approximately 4 out of every 10 non-Hispanic Black women, 4 out of every 10 American Indian or Alaska Native women, and 1 in 2 multiracial non-Hispanic women (53.8%) have been the victim of rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime. 

This TA Guidance is offered to provide a broad perspective to the field that states that women of color lives matter, the data that is often released is limiting, and it is imperative that we all reach out to the margins and bring this key information to the center. The lives of women of color and their communities depend on it. The Technical Assistance Guidance includes links and references to two WOCN, Inc. reports (unpublished) on the 2012 and 2013 data that serves as a snapshot to further amplify the general guidance that has been released. This report was made possible through funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, Family Prevention and Services Office awarded to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence with WOCN, Inc. 

Trauma-Informed Care Manual

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