Take Action

Find Your Legislator

Contact your representative and senator and call or email them to ask for their support.

Note: All senator emails are lastname@ohiosenate.gov. For example, Senate President Matt Huffman’s email is huffman@ohiosenate.gov.

Phone Script

Hello! My name is (_______) and I live in your district. Please support increasing the domestic violence line item to $5 million a year, so Ohio’s DV programs can continue to provide life-saving support for victims of domestic violence. Thank you very much!

Email Template

Instructions: Please copy/paste this note into your email. Make sure to customize this for you, your agency, and the community.

Subject: Increase the domestic violence services line item

Dear Senator ______________:

As a constituent, I am writing to urge you to support increasing the domestic violence services line item to $5 million a year. This will help Ohio’s 75 domestic violence programs provide life-saving support for victims of domestic violence.

Thank you very much!

Your name and address

Post on Social Media

Tag your legislator in a tweet or post and use the hashtags #FundSafeFamilies and #SupportOhioDVShelters.

Sample Tweet

CLICK HERE to Retweet and Tag your State Senator.


Cut and paste this text and image:

Ohio survivors of domestic violence deserve support from our State Legislators. Thank you Ohio Reps  – we are 1/2 way there. Ask your Senator for $5 million in the state budget.


Take Action!
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✅ Help Sustain DV Shelters
➡️ odvn.org/fundsafefamilies/

Sample Facebook Post

Save these images to your computer, and then post them on social media!

Write to Your Local Newspaper

Find your local newspaper and write a letter to their editor.

Sample Letter

To The Editor:

With Ohio’s biennial budget under negotiation among state, legislators let us remember how the state budget impacts some of the most vulnerable in our state – victims of domestic violence and their families. Domestic violence programs like (name your program) here in (your community) provide lifesaving services including shelter from violence and abuse every day. We do this in the midst of devastating federal budget cuts and a global pandemic. There are 75 local programs across Ohio’s 88 counties that currently share one million dollars of the state budget annually. That breaks down to 9 cents per person based on Ohio’s population. NINE CENTS. Divided among local programs and the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, each program gets approximately $12,000 per year.

Please reach out to your senator and representative to let them know that $1 million is not enough. Ask them to reallocate the budget to include $5 million annually so we can maintain advocacy, prevention, shelter, and other essential services for survivors and their families.

Your name and credentials
Your organization
City/town where you live

Get in touch. Get involved.

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For emergency assistance, use the "Get Help Now" button below for the number to your local domestic violence agency.