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Eboney Eldridge Adoglo

A resilient survivor and advocate, emerged triumphant from a harrowing five-year journey through domestic violence across three Ohio counties. Her book, “Glory In My Story,” courageously recounts her experience, offering invaluable insights and steps for overcoming trauma.


In a harmonious marriage with Gildas Adoglo, they cherish their roles as parents to four children, embodying a beacon of hope and empowerment.

Motivated by a profound sense of purpose, Eboney passionately shares her story to inspire healing and empowerment in others. Her mission revolves around guiding individuals to discover their own ‘Glory in their Story,’ providing practical strategies for recovery and growth. Committed to advocating for abuse survivors, Eboney hopes to use her non-profit, “Safe Sanctuary,” to one day offer shelter and advocacy, filling the support gap she once experienced during her challenging times.

Nicole Bialko

After a difficult divorce and a few years on her own, Nicole Bialko re-entered the dating world via the dating site eHarmony, where she met and started dating a man who claimed to be a Marine. The relationship was immediately unhealthy, and she was emotionally abused and mentally manipulated by her partner.


She continually tried to end the relationship, but he would not let her go, and the abuse led to scare tactics and stalking. She became afraid for her life as every attempt to get him to leave her alone failed, including blocking over 270 different phone numbers and emails he created.

Nicole left for a weekend only to return to the smell of his cologne and discover that her ex-partner broke into her home and left “love” notes saying in part, “We are magical together.” She would go on to find 19 different notes in every room of her home. Nicole realized she could not solve the problem on her own, and after months of being stalked, she reached out to authorities. She petitioned the court and secured a Civil Protective Order, and the evidence she turned over to police led to a grand jury indictment, and her stalker spent five days in jail. He pleaded to a “Criminal Mischief” misdemeanor, and she delivered a Victim Impact Statement to the Judge.

Nicole discovered that her ex-partner was not a Marine and had a predatory past, but she also learned how to maneuver the Court of Common Pleas and was left concerned for other victims and their treatment by members of the court. The experience has left her determined to help educate and protect other women.

She has written of her experiences with love-bombing and relationship red flags. She has offered a platform for other survivors to share their stories through her volunteer work as a journalist. Nicole believes sharing our stories offers us healing properties and allows us to educate others and shed light on the fact that abuse takes many forms. Whenever and wherever she can, she reminds us to trust our instincts and never excuse a red flag.


Diona Clark

Diona is inspiring and motivating others to live their life out loud and conquer their fears. She is seen as the go-to motivational keynote speaker for events and multiple organizations that desire their audience to be moved from complacency to action and greatly improve the self-esteem of their clients.


Confidence levels will shoot through the roof and ultimately achieve maximum results. She has been given the name Ms. Motivation due to her unconditional and intriguing way of captivating her audience. She gives an electrifying experience that propels one to respond with action.

As a result of her own experience of surviving Domestic Violence Diona started Liv Out Loud Enterprises an organization in which one aspect is to help raise awareness of Domestic Violence in the community where the mission is to educate, empower, and prevent Domestic Violence. Through Diona’s advocacy, she’s had the opportunity to collaborate with House Representatives and other policymakers and be a voice in House Bill 1 passing as a law that created better protection for those who are victims of Domestic Violence as well as helped initiate other laws that pertain to bettering the judicial system for Domestic Violence victims.

Diona has been recognized by the State of Ohio for her efforts to bring awareness of Domestic Violence in the community through her organization. She has helped so many that are impacted by this hidden and sometimes forgotten issue. She has appeared and interviewed on The Doctors, CNN, TBN, Your World with Creflo Dollar, Essence, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Good Day Columbus, Today Purpose Woman Magazine, The Voice magazine, and dozens of other media outlets. Diona holds a bachelor’s degree from Howard University in Washington DC. She is a social worker with the city of Columbus and an author.

Christa Hullaby

Christa Hullaby is a graduate of Sinclair Community College and Wright State University. She has obtained an associate’s degree in Communications, a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences.


She is employed at a financial institution as a Fraud Security Investigator.

She is a wife and a mother of three boys, a member of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, a member of Toastmasters, and a member of the sweet Zeta Phi Sorority, Incorporated. Christa’s past life experiences and the passing of her mother in 2020 inspired her to label herself, a self-proclaimed domestic violence crusader/life coach and start Mentally Expressive, LLC. an organization who’s on a mission to bring awareness about domestic violence and the different forms of it 365 days a year.


Roni Morrow

Rondalyn (Roni) Morrow is a survivor of emotional and mental abuse. Having experienced a great share of gaslighting and passive aggressiveness by her abuser, Roni believed that she was “crazy” and at fault for her own suffering.


Luckily, she was able to craft a plan to leave her abuser and find a new apartment in a single week while he was out of town.

Roni has one daughter, who has motivated Roni to tell her story. Her daughter has instilled in Roni the reality that speaking out can help people who are struggling. Due to this, Roni is a comfortable public speaker and is enthusiastic about making a difference through her own experience.

Roni is currently working as a Risk Manager at Huntington Bank. She is involved with Pelotonia as a volunteer and a rider. Roni also has served on the board of directors for David’s Extended Care of the David’s United Church of Christ in Canal Winchester, OH.

Erinn Richard

Erinn Richard endured a 17-year relationship, experiencing verbal and physical abuse. After one of the incidents, she was able to move herself and her three children out of the house. Erinn subsequently secured a restraining order against her abuser.


Erinn currently lives and works in Butler County. She’s focusing on her passion project: the LOVE Walk (Lifting Our Voices to Empower) for survivors of domestic violence. In 2022, Erinn teamed up with the staff at the YWCA Hamilton Dove House in Butler County to bring men, women, and children together in the fight against DV. She is hopeful for the future and is looking to expand the LOVE Walk to bring awareness to DV and collect donation items for shelters.


Sonya Chapple

On April 19th, 2014, Sonya experienced the devastating loss of her youngest daughter, India, at the age of 26, due to domestic violence. India, who was born in Columbus, Ohio, had moved to the State of Maryland at the age of 4, where she grew up. Throughout her life, India struggled in a tumultuous relationship with her children’s father.


Following India’s tragic death, it took some time for Sonya to transform her pain into a passionate purpose. This marked the inception of India’s Purple Ribbon Against Domestic Violence. Sonya assumed roles as a support facilitator, speaker, and advocate for MOMS (Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters Organization) and the Family Survivor Network, organizations offering support to mothers who had lost children to gun violence. Her work was conducted under the guidance of Dr. John Richardson, whom she collaborated with until her retirement in 2022. Subsequently, Sonya decided to return to her hometown.

In addition to supporting Moms Demand Action, an organization initially focused on gun violence, Sonya expanded the conversation to include daughters and domestic violence abuse. Annually, in October, she hosts an event to raise awareness about domestic violence, coupled with a walk-in May to coincide with India’s birth month. The mission remains focused on providing support to families grappling with the trauma of being survivors.

After returning to Ohio, Sonya joined Ohio Women Against Domestic Violence, continuing her advocacy efforts. In October 2023, she was honored at an event hosted by this organization. Despite the challenges of readjusting to her hometown, Sonya persists in keeping India’s legacy alive through India’s Purple Ribbon Against Domestic Violence.

Lana Hiott

Lana Hiott has witnessed domestic violence firsthand and seen the horrors that domestic violence can inflict upon a family. On August 29, 2023, Lana’s sister Shannon was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in her home in South Columbus.


Lana says that Shannon did everything “right” – she kept the doors locked, had cameras installed inside and outside of her house, filed for a restraining order, and advocated for herself and others. Later, the ex-boyfriend called the police station and confessed to the murder. Today, Lana is able to speak out about her experiences; she says that keeping the trauma inside won’t help anyone and desires to advocate for others by sharing her story.

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