Prevention Theory

Although prevention is recognized as a critical priority for reducing violence, generally the investment in prevention has not followed accordingly. Therefore, it is essential for prevention practitioners to utilize limited resources in ways that realize the best possible impact. Understanding prevention, in theory, is a key way to improve outcomes.

Tip Sheets, Articles, and Resources

The downloadable Tip Sheets below were created to assist visitors in assessing their current knowledge of prevention theories and to motivate all to continue boosting their skills for this important work.

Article: Connecting the Dots: An Overview of the Linkages Among Multiple Forms of Violence

A Violence Prevention Glossary

Chapter 11, Primary Prevention, by Graffunder, C., Cline, R, and Lane, K. taken from the Sourcebook on Violence Against Women by Renzetti, Edleson, and Bergen (August 2, 2010), pp. 209-226. (use for citation)

Community-Based Prevention

Five Faces of Oppression – I. Young (2004)

Principles of Prevention

Risk Factors for Male Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence

Risk Factors for Male Perpetration of Sexual Violence

Social Change Theory

The Social Ecology

The Spectrum of Prevention

The Value of Community-Based Prevention

Tip Sheet: A Case for Prevention

Your Role in Preventing Violence

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