Ohio Measures Up: Indicators for Intimate Partner / Domestic Violence

This dashboard of State Rankings: Indicators Associated with Intimate Partner / Domestic Violence represents community and societal level indicators that the ODVN Prevention Team has researched and will monitor through at least 2023. The Prevention Team believes that the national rankings paint a strong picture of Ohio’s public health status. Considered collectively, these indicators suggest that when US rankings are lower, Ohio’s community public health status will be improved. Thus, community problems such as sexual and domestic violence (and other forms of violence) are likely to be reduced when we all work together to improve these indicators. In other words, the more Ohio invests in its people and community infrastructure, the better off all Ohioans will be. Hover and click on the wedges above or click on the indicator rankings below to learn more. Explore indicator Fact Sheets that contain more information. Share Fact Sheets with your peers and networks to advocate for social change. Note: Some of the indicator trend lines are missing data. This missing data should not be interpreted that Ohio was first in the nation for that point in time.

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