Ohio Model Protocol For Responding To Domestic Violence

In late 2003, ODVN convened a geographically and professionally diverse advisory board of law enforcement, prosecutors, legal aid attorneys, and advocates from around the state to work collectively on revising various sections of the Ohio Model Protocol.

The Ohio Model Protocol outlines best practices for various professionals responding to domestic violence both inside and outside of the legal system, but focuses primarily upon best practices for criminal justice system professionals, including law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, and clerks of court. The Protocol was originally developed in 1992 and was revised in 1995. ODVN decided to revise the document to reflect changes in federal and state laws, as well as to reflect the shift towards evidence-based practice in responding to domestic violence.

For security reasons we are only posting this document in PDF format. If you would like a hardcopy of this document please contact us at 614-781-9651, ext. 224 or 800-934-9840, ext. 224.

Ohio Model Protocol For Responding To Domestic Violence (PDF)


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