Exploring Activities to Promote Resilience and Regulation for Youth Exposed to DV

You have the opportunity to create youth-centered, family-focused activities in your programming that will welcome children "where they are at" while providing emotional and physical safety through your interactions as an advocate. This training will enhance skills and equip you with trauma-informed approaches to support children in the midst of difficult experiences and many changes in their lives. You will […]

Domestic Violence Advocacy Fundamentals

This free training offers basic fundamentals and introductory skills for advocates serving domestic violence survivors and their children. You'll learn about the history of the domestic violence movement and ways to become more culturally humble and inclusive. The webinar series teaches survivor-defined advocacy and strategies for risk management, crisis intervention, and safety planning. You'll also get an overview of the […]

Documentation: What Every Advocate Needs to Know

Proper documentation is essential when working with survivors of domestic violence. This live webinar assists advocates by providing a greater understanding of using trauma-informed principles in the documentation. You will learn to identify the risks of documenting too little, too much, and risks unique to custody cases. Topics include confidentiality provisions in VOCA, VAWA, and FVPSA, and ways to create […]

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