Experiencing Trauma for Parents and Children

This informational resource "Experiencing Trauma Affects Our Thoughts, Feelings, Bodies, Behavior and Coping" has two pages that can easily be printed. There are two versions to select from. Download a version for families of color by Clicking Here or a version for families who are caucasian by Clicking Here.  It is designed for caring parents and advocates to create an understanding about how living with a battering parent impacts the lives of babies, children and teens. It also offers parents and advocates practical, supportive approaches for creating healing spaces for their children and teens. 

Trauma is said to be a mind, body experience.  Consequently, very often child and teen victims of domestic violence scan their environments for what might happen next because of the patterns and tactics the person who batterers chooses. Children and teens are surviving and are on high alert. Too often, this critical information is not talked about resulting in children and teens behaviors (responses) being misunderstood. 

This informational sheet makes normal babies, children and teens responses and describes the importance of creating movement and play for children of all ages. Also, these approaches may strengthen the connection for child and parent victims which has been undermined by the battering partner/parent.
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