about Ohio Domestic Violence Network

Abuse and Rape Crisis Shelter of Warren County


Lebanon, Ohio

Established in 1984 as a not-for-profit domestic violence organization under the name of Warren County Family Abuse Shelter. In 1997 our name was changed to Abuse & Rape Crisis (ARCS) Shelter of Warren County, Inc. to designate its expanded mission of serving survivors of sexual violence.  In 2001 ARCS began prevention initiatives and developed a new Mission Statement:

ARCS is dedicated to the safety, healing, and empowerment of domestic violence and sexual assault victims, as well as creating a knowledgeable and supportive community through prevention education.

ARCS continues its dual role of providing crisis intervention and prevention services.  ARCS provision of basic crisis intervention services of shelter, crisis line, advocacy and support groups, counseling and psycho-educational groups for batterers are essential to client safety/perpetrator accountability and inform ARCS goals of identifying preventing norms which give rise to the crimes of domestic and sexual violence in Warren County.

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SAFETY ALERT: Computer use can be monitored and it is impossible to completely clear all website footprints. If you are in danger, please use a safer computer that your abuser can not access directly or remotely, or call ODVN 800-934-9840 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE.