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Culturally Specific Services

This database is a resource guide for advocates and survivors to locate culturally specific services. Culturally specific services are designed to work with and/or for a target population, such as women of color, immigrant women, women of different religious/spiritual belief, women with low incomes, women with disabilities, LGBT women and many others. The agencies presented in the database represent a wide variety of services, from energy assistance programs to community centers to career training programs. We know that one agency can not meet the many needs of one person, and that culture plays large role in how women heal from trauma, so we have committed ourselves to learning about agencies that provide culturally specific services and listing them here in hopes that we can save you time as you work with a survivor to help her accomplish her goals.

This database will continue to grow as we find out about resources, big and small. If you know of an agency, community center, or place of worship that is working with members of underserved communities please contact our Outreach Coordinator with the agency name and contact information.

The listing of an agency does not signify an endorsement of services by ODVN. This database is a resource of agencies providing services and should be researched to ensure that it meets the needs of the individual. ODVN does not guarantee that all services listed under an agency are still operational, again call to ensure that program still exists and to determine the requirements to participate. We will do our best to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

The following are links to web sites for services for underserved populations. ODVN is not responsible for the content of another agency’s web site or their claims of service or success. Please research all programs before referring an individual.

Culturally Specific Resource Links:


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