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The Ohio Men's Action Network presents:

 The New Playbook: Standing Strong to Promote Non-Violence

This 2-day training is the co-creation of the Ohio Men's Action Network, a program of the Ohio Domestic Violence Network. 

Purpose of the Training:

The New Playbook: Standing Strong to Promote Non-Violence, is a 2-day skill building workshop that will strengthen participants’ knowledge and skills to effectively challenge attitudes and behaviors that support multiple forms of violence including gender-based violence.   

The New Playbook: Standing Strong to Promote Non-Violence will address the following topics: 

  • Team Building
  • Intersections of Oppression
  • Counter vs. Dominant Stories of Masculinity
  • Risk & Protective Factors
  • Connecting the Dots Among Multiple Forms of Violence
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Leadership Skill Building 

By the end of the training, participants:

  • will be able to define violence.
  • will be able to recognize behaviors which silently support violence.
  • will understand the necessary qualities for anti-violence leadership within their social networks.
  • will be equipped with tools to influence their social networks to prevent violence. 
  • will be presented with the opportunity to actively participate in OHMAN sponsored activities & events. 

Who Should Attend this training?

Fathers, Educators, College & University Men, Faith Leaders and Clergymen, Youth Leaders, Business Professionals, Advocates, Coaches, Elders and anyone who is interested in preventing gender based violence in their community. 

Want to bring this training to your campus or community?  See the Community Brochure for more information.  See the Campus Brochure for more information.


What’s included in the New Playbook?


This training includes:

  • 2-days of training for the same cohort of participants.  Training days may be scheduled consecutively or during different weeks. 
  • Participant training materials
  • Expert facilitators
  • Additional site specific technical assistance

Contact Justin Carter at justinc@odvn.org for more information or to schedule The New Playbook for your community.


See the Signs.org

 See the Signs & Speak Out

See the Signs & Speak Out is an exciting new online training program for employer and employees.  Created by the Ohio Domestic Violence Network in partnership with the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence and informed by experts in advocacy and prevention from among Ohio's local domestic violence programs and rape crisis centers, this program aims to change the culture of workplaces in Ohio, the country, and in your community.  

Check out the See the Signs & Speak out!

This training program was made possible by a generous grant from the Avon Foundation for Women.


 IPSV Prevention Competencies

The Prevention Competencies provide new and more seasoned prevention practitioners with the knowledge base needed to engage in good prevention work. 


Prevention Self-Guided Study Modules

Our friends at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have created self-study modules for prevention practitioners. Check out Veto Violence where new and seasoned prevention practitioners can learn more about the public health approach to violence prevention. Also available are Dating Matters and Principles of Prevention two free prevention courses for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to prevent adolescent relationship abuse, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence.

Schedule A Workshop

To schedule a workshop related to prevention of intimate partner violence or family violence, including how to mobilize your community for violence prevention, contact Rebecca Cline at rebeccac@odvn.org.



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