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EMPLOYMENT (Deaf or Hard of Hearing)

Written by Tana Carpenter. Posted in Domestic Violence and Law


Ohio does not have protections for survivors in its employment (work) law. You have the right to miss work to go to a criminal trial if you get a subpoena (letter) from the Court. When you get a subpoena, you have to show up to court. You can show the subpoena paper to your supervisor/boss so they know and can give time off from work. Your boss cannot write you up or fire you for following a subpoena to go to court. You can get in trouble with the law if you decide not to go to court if you received a subpoena. To learn more, go to: and (regarding Juvenile Court).

Employers are also prohibited from asking certain questions of you during interviews and generally cannot ask about arrest records if they have been sealed. For more information on how to respond to employer questions, go to for employer’s rights to records that are sealed or for questions in job interviews about criminal records.