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DIVORCE (Deaf or Hard of Hearing)

Written by Tana Carpenter. Posted in Domestic Violence and Law


When both people are in agreement about the divorce, you can file for “dissolution of marriage.” This does not usually work if abuse happens. It is NOT good to file for divorce without an attorney, especially if you have children with the abuser or assets (house, car, furniture, retirement) to be split between both people. Sometimes, the abuser will not come to the hearing. It is not your fault if he/she does not come to the hearing. If he/she does not come, court will give an “uncontested divorce” to you. It is very important for you to get your own lawyer. Your lawyer should provide interpreter for meetings. Do not share a lawyer with abuser. Abusers often want to control the divorce situation and will get a lawyer to protect their legal rights. Your lawyer will protect your legal rights.