Domestic Violence and Law



Written by Tana Carpenter. Posted in Domestic Violence and Law

Legal Aid– If you meet certain income and other requirements, you may be eligible to get a Legal Aid attorney. To find the legal aid office and contact information for your county, you can call: 866-529-6446.

ODVN Legal Assistance Project– If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, you may still be able to get an attorney through the Civil Legal Assistance Program at the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, which is funded by the Department of Justice. To seek assistance, call your local domestic violence program (see “Finding an Advocate” in this brochure.)

Local Bar Associations– Some local bar associations have projects which offer attorneys on a pro bono, or free, basis. To find the closest bar association, go to

Law School Clinics– If you live near a community with a law school, you may be able to get legal help through a law school legal clinic. There are clinics in Cleveland (Employment Issues, Cleveland State University- (216) 687-3947; Milton Kramer Law Clinic Center at Case Western University- (216) 368-2766; Cleveland Homeless Assistance Legal Assistance Program- (216) 432-0543; in Columbus at the Capital University Law Clinic- (614) 236-6245, and in Cincinnati at the Protection Order clinic at the University of Cincinnati Law School- (513) 241-9400.

Crime Victims Compensation– The CVC program in Ohio—under very specific conditions—can offer reimbursement for legal services for Protection Orders and other legal actions which separate the violent person from the crime victim. For more information, see Picking Up the Pieces, which you can access at

Filing Pro Se– Pro se means filing a legal action without an attorney. For survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking, it is always better to take legal action with the assistance of an attorney. If you do decide to file your case pro se, a legal advocate at the local domestic violence program may be able to assist you. Some Clerks of Court can offer limited help, too. For more information on court rules and forms, go to or