Batterer Intervention Programs


Batterer Intervention Programs

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Twenty Tips for Co-Facilitating a Batterer's Intervention Program

Ohio Standards for Batterer's Intervention (Revised August 2010)


Batterer's Intervention Program's Self Evaluation Tool

To assist batterer intervention programs with the implementation of the Standards, this Guide provides a “ how-to” approach. Each section contains questions to be answered by the batterer’s program so they can see how they are doing according to the Standards. The document is in Microsoft Word format.  Click the link below to download it.  Programs seeking technical assistance should e-mail the completed form to ODVN.


Risk Assessment With DV Offenders

Over the years, ODVN has received numerous requests regarding risk assessment with DV offenders. Although we believe that there is no "low risk" in domestic violence, we also understand that those in legal system as well as batterers intervention programs and victim advocates often are faced with the challenge of assessing the level of risk for a variety of reasons. The Batterers Intervention Committee of ODVN has developed the Guideline for Domestic Violence Risk Assessment to share some tools widely used and are readily accessible. Please do remember that there is no one perfect tool to assess risk in domestic violence and that the victim/survivor's assessment of risk should be taken very seriously. 


Women Who Use Force