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Prevention in Practice

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This section of the Online Prevention Toolkit provides statistical foundation and supplemental resources as well information on best practices, delivery challenges and other implementation considerations for some of the most popular intimate partner violence/family violence prevention strategies. These downloadable resources are intended to offer visitors topical information to boost program efficacy and to promote creative solutions for overcoming delivery challenges.

Prevention Toolkits

This resource, created by the OSIP-VP Consortium for implementation of Pathways in Prevention: A Roadmap for Change, provides an introduction for using this resource,  reviews of a number of on-line prevention resources, how to access the resouces on-line, as well as the levels of the Spectrum of Prevention or the Social Ecology that are addressed.  Anyone interested in working towards the prevention or elimination of sexual and intimate partner violence can find this guide useful, as it offers information on the available toolkits that can be used as resources for your efforts.  Whether you are a teacher, student, employer, advocate, journalist, or community member, this guide could help you find a toolkit that will be helpful for your work in eliminating violence in your community. Click Here to view this resource.

Working to end Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying in

Ohio Schools & School Districts

Click here for resources from the Ohio Department of Education that are focused on helping Ohio schools and school districts to create safer school climates.

Empowerment Evaluation Toolkit

This section of the Online Prevention Toolkit provides resources and tools for prevention practitioners and organizations to use for assessment of primary prevention capacity.  Eventually, tools for process and outcome evaluation of prevention programs will be available as well.  Please check back periodically for new developments!

The outcome measure item bank is a tool created by the Ohio Department of Health Prevention Education Team to assist with alignment of prevention education learning objectives with survey items that will measure participant changes in knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills.  Items are generally geared toward youth ages 12 - 21.  Outcomes are based on levels one and two of the Spectrum of Prevention.