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25 Years

Written by Amy Smith. Posted in About ODVN

This is ODVN's 25th Anniversary! We are publishing 25 lists during the next 25 weekdays! Be sure to check back daily for the new list.


25 Ways to Support LGBTQ Survivors

Written by Amy Smith. Posted in About ODVN

1. Believe them

2. Know that coming out may affect every option

3. Know the custody laws affecting LGBTQ families

4. Ask survivors what language they use to identify themselves

5. Don't make assumptions about gender identity

6. Know that homophobia or transphobia are abusers' tools

7. Believe that men can be victimized

8. Believe that women can be violent and dangerous abusers

9. Listen to the realities of LGBTQ survivors' lives

10. Understand the LGBTQ community's history with the police

11. Know about LGBTQ specific resources (i.e. legal, faith, counseling)

12. Understand LGBTQ families are real families

13. Read, read, read

14. Assume that it will take even more time to build trust

15. Know your county, city or town's protections against discrimination

16. Recognize unique LGBTQ relationship dynamics

17. Don't make assumptions about anything

18. Know the trust required for an LGBTQ survivor to come out to you

19. Make LGBTQ people visible with posters, flyers and other materials

20. Have clear anti-discrimination policies in staff and survivor materials

21. Reach out to the LGBTQ community - ODVN can help!

22. Get trained on best practices for working with LGBTQ survivors

23. Become more familiar with LGBTQ terminology and identities

24. Become an active ally against stereotypes and myths

25. Create a safe environment for LGBTQ survivors to be who they are

Printable List: 25 Ways to Support LGBTQ Survivors