Measuring Our Success: Outcome Evaluation for Ohio’s Domestic Violence Programs

The Ohio Domestic Violence Network developed the Outcome Evaluation Project in response to the need for consistent and appropriate outcome measures for domestic violence programs. Key components of this project included: (1) coordinating regional trainings on the development of outcome measures that assess program impact for domestic violence services, and (2) providing technical assistance to local domestic violence programs for implementation of outcome measures.

There were a number of goals for the Outcome Measures Project. First, ODVN sought to assist programs in developing a practical way to collect outcome information that required a minimal time commitment and was user-friendly. Second, ODVN sought to collect information in a respectful way. The confidentiality and safety of survivors was the top priority in the planning process. Third, ODVN sought to assist programs in getting staff buy-in to implementing outcome measures. Finally, ODVN hoped to provide a means for programs to collect meaningful information. Therefore, emphasis was placed on gathering data that reminds service providers why they do the work they do and connects with the overall goals of their program.

You may view the final report as well as the individual pilot studies results in PDF form below.

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